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A Hotel with Tradition and History

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Like Christianity, our story began in a stable. The present site of the mighty walls (up to 1m 20cm thick!) of the Hotel Neue Post was once occupied by the great stables of the master brewer and landlord of the "Gasthof Post" in the Market Square, Mr Georg Poschacher and his wife Theresia. The "Märzenkeller", a large beer cellar very deep underground, whose origins reach back to the first millennium AD, was situated under these stables. This massive vault (the walls are 2m 90cm thick) was used first for cooling beer with ice, and later as a wine cellar. In winter, blocks of ice were cut from the Zeller See and stored in the deep cellar into August, and shipped as far as Bavaria for cooling beer.

Even today, the cellar is still present beneath the hotel, and serves as a fully secure boiler-room.

In 1862 the time had come for the large brewery stable to make way for the first building of the "Hotel Post" hotel. The stable was part of the landlord and landlady's vast property, which included the "Alte Post" inn, a brewery, small farms in the Schmittental, the Schüttgut (modern-day Porsche), extensive mountain pastures, and on the south side, reaching to the lake, the meadows of the brewery field (today the site of the tennis courts, the station, the Bahnhofstraße. and the offices of the Inland Revenue). To this day, a marble plaque next to the hotel entrance, bearing the year of construction, commemorates the laying of the foundation-stone. The walls around the present-day lobby date from this time.

1888 Completion of the west wing of the Hotel Post. It belonged to Therese Poschacher.
1891 Another extension to the hotel soon followed.
1896 Construction of the first hall on the south side - it later became the town theatre.
1905 The ownership of the hotel passed from mother to daughter, into the hands of Theresia Auer.
1915 Her daughter - Maria Hilzensauer - became the new owner.
1916 to 1918 The hotel received its most unfortunate residents, serving as a reserve hospital for the injured soldiers of the First World War.
1928 Construction of the tennis courts on part of the brewery field.
1937 New owner: Anton Karlon.
1941 to 1954 War. A hotel for holiday makers was no longer required. A police station and other offices were located in the hotel buildings.
1943 Military sanatorium and reserve hospital.
1945 On 1 September the small theatre with about 450 seats, built in the former dining room,was opened in style.
1954 After the police left the building again, the hotel could resume business once again. The "Taverne", a notorious night-spot, and the "Bräustüberl" restaurant faced onto the street (todays's Schlossplatz); a number of shops faced onto the main road.
1961 Once again the daughters took over the ownership of the hotel - now the "Hotel Neue Post". Their names were Hedda, Brita and Till Ketschek
1969 Proprietor Tilla Paur (née Ketschek) and her husband Remus took over the hotel. The building was in such poor condition that it resembled a ruin in places- which prompted a guest to ask "If that's the New Post, what on earth did the Old Post look like?"
1972 Start of the renovation work with which the hotel took on its present-day form.
1972/73 Work began on the north wing.
1976 The central section of the hotel was demolished and rebuilt.
1982 In the southern section the theatre was destroyed and replaced with a completely new room. The number of beds was increased from 80 to 110.
1983 Opening of the new hotel with bar, restaurant etc.
1987 TSH Hotel Neue Post Ltd became the new owner of the 170 bed hotel. "TimeShare", then unknown in Europe, came into operation in the hotel- many were sceptical about the new system.
1989 Once again, space began to run out. A new building was constructed facing the street, housing the Cäsar restaurant, the "SugarShake" pub, and 15 new apartments with 60 beds, and an underground car park.
1992 The Hotel was awarded the "Gold Crown" award by the RCI - the largest international vacation exchange company.
1993/94 More building work. This time, the over 1000 year-old vaults in the cellar had to take the load of another floor. An additional storey with 4 large apartments was added to the central section of the hotel.
1997 The Hotel Neue Post Company Ltd becomes the new owner of the 200-bed hotel; guests can now buy their own hotel.
2003-2006 Ferry Porsche Congress CenterThe 75 year old tennis courts have to move for the new Ferry Porsche Congress Centre. The construction noises and the shaking of the earth works massively affect the hotel operations.The view to the (hopefully business) future makes the pain bearable.
2004 The era of the THS company is completely over - the TSH Club cancels the contract (2004) with the hotel and has to announce bankruptcy in summer 2006.

The HNP company invests over 7,2 million Euros, buys the former rented parts, extends and renovates the hotel and the spa area.
The direct connection with the Ferry Porsche Congress Centre is realised. building process>>

2008 The HNP company rents the increased and new renovated "Poststöckl" in the direct neighbourhood. 10 new apartments increase the room offers.
2009 The HNP company will increase the east wing and continue the all-over-renovation.